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Mariko Morikawa

Name: Mariko Morikawa
Profession: Porn star
Birth Date: 4th April 1979
Birthplace: Kanegawa
Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 161 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Breasts: 114 cm (I Cup)
Waist: 72 cm
Hips: 89 cm
Hobby: Boyfriend; Theater;

Mariko Morikawa (森川まりこ) is a busty Japanese adult video actress. Though publicity touted her Japanese brassiere size as a 124-centimeter "Q-cup," her premier video stated that she was a 104-centimeter I-cup.

Mariko Morikawa was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. She first appeared in magazine layouts and in the first volume of the Dynamite Breasts (ザ・爆乳 - Bakunyū) big-bust video series. She made her starring Adult Video debut with Ultra Q-Cup 124cm: Tits Way Too Huge in July 1994.[2] She became one of Tokyo Topless' leading models, appearing eight times there, beginning with #1 [3] and concluding with #7 [4], serving as host on their Internet radio program.

Morikawa's video, Legend of Super Big Tits Q, Eat These Tits was reviewed in Oriental Cinema. Though the reviewer considered the video no better than an average porn video, he commended Morikawa's figure.[5] Morikawa was also featured on the front and back cover of this U.S. magazine. She posed and appeared in videos while pregnant, and returned to Tokyo Topless in 2007. Her most recent appearance at the site was in two layouts (#10 and #11) posted on February 1, 2009.

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* Kyodai Sugiru Dekapai (Athena) July, 1994 (Debut)
* 124 Centimeter Sister
* Bake-nyu, 123 cm Q-Cup Morikawa Mariko
* Big Breast Kidnap and Bondage
* Bomber Girl Vol.6
* Boobs Pregnant
* Dynamite Q-Cup
* Legendary Super Tits Q (Athena)
* Nuru Nuru Morikawa Mariko
* Overheat
* Paizuri Battle with Chiharu Mizushima
* Paizuri Tengoku
* Q-Cup Privacy - Dosukebe KyodaiNyu (Athena)
* Q-Cup Slave
* Yureru Bakunyuu

Theatrical releases

* Big Tit Monastery (巨乳修道院) January 5, 1995 (Excess Films, Widescreen, 60 min.)[5]


* D-Cup Japan August, 1994
* D-Cup Japan September, 1994
* D-Cup Japan October, 1994
* D-Cup Japan December, 1994
* D-Cup Japan April, 1995
* D-Cup Japan May, 1995
* D-Cup Japan January, 1996

* Gals D July, 1994
* Gals D September, 1994
* Gals D October, 1994
* Gals D December, 1994

Photo Books

* MARIKO (Kasakura) Oct 5, 1994


* Host of Tokyo Topless' Internet radio program