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Anna Malle

Anna Malle (September 9, 1967 – January 25, 2006) was an American pornographic actress. She was born Anna Hotop in Havana, Illinois and raised in Fort Madison, Iowa.

According to IAFD, one of her first appearances was in "Dirty Debutantes", Vol. 37, with Ed Powers. In that video, she says she came up with the name Anna Malle on her own to describe her sexual style. She was very well received by fans and critics, mainly for the energy and enthusiasm that she put into every performance.

She also appeared in some Max Hardcore productions. According to IAFD, she performed in over 351 films, frequently with her husband, Hank Armstrong, as co-star. Of those films, she has a directorial credit in five of them in addition to performing in them. While Anna performed a variety of scenes, her most popular scenes involved lesbianism and anal sex.

One of her most notable scene was in Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, where she performed in a rough scene with Tony Eveready.

She was also a frequent performer in many films starring Nina Hartley during the mid to late 90s. In an open letter that appeared on Anna's web site shortly after her death, Nina reflected on her deceased friend and referred to Anna as her "perfect partner," a reference to the many scenes they'd performed together, both with each other and with other performers.

She also performed in more mainstream circles, including appearances on HBO Real Sex 18 in 1997 and the Playboy Channel. Malle retired from filmmaking in 2005.

She had described herself as bisexual.

She was killed in a car accident near Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 25, 2006. She was not wearing a seat belt.

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Anna Malle

After meeting Ms. Malle at the East Coast Video Show in '98 and seeing her in action live and in person, we had to make this interview happen! If you haven't seen her perform, you are missing out on one of the most sexually voracious women on screen today.

Al: How did you first get involved in the porn business?

Anna: My husband and I got into it together at CES convention. We went around to different companies and got lots of offers. We decided to start with Amatuer Homegrown video.

Al: So I assume you were a big fan of porn before getting involved... any favorite stars?

Anna: Yes! Nina Hartley and Jeanna Fine were my idols and became my mentors. As far as the guys, I didn't know any of them because I was usually sucking dick when I was with someone watching them.

Al: Have you worked with either Nina or Jeanna since getting involved in the business?

Anna: Oh yes! Both lots of times! It's great to do scenes with both, on and off camera. I tend to have a feocious sexual appetite!

Al: Did they live up to your expectations?

Anna: Yes! More than you can imagine! Both are great people.

Al: When did you first realize that you had such an insanely voracious sexual appetite?

Anna: When I started dancing in Florida. I was between marriges and started having sex a lot with both men and women. I got horny every time I went to work! I ended up having tons of sex.

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Al: Tell us about your first lesbian experience. Who was it with? What were the circumstances?

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Where's the pizza??? What fun is a party without pizza??

Anna: I was in high school and I met a couple when I worked at a grocery store after school. They invited me to their place. Unknown to me, I was to be seduced by them. I got real turned on to the female because I never experienced being with a woman. It was totally foreign. I knew I liked what she was doing to me.

Al: Did you walk in and they just jumped you? How did it go down?

Free Porn!Anna: We had a drink first. I was on the couch talking to both . The man started rubbing my leg while the lady asked if it was okay and it progressed to a series of questions about doing things and my responses. I ended up taking a shower with the woman and we all ended up in bed.

Al: How old were you at the time?

Anna: About 16-17. I wasn't a virgin, but wasn't experienced either.

Al: When did you lose your virginity to a man?

Anna: When I was 12 to a kid.

Al: Did it live up to your expectations?

Anna: No. It lasted 2 seconds! Afterwards I felt like this wasn't a big deal. It did keep getting better though.

Al: So it was a gradual thing? Or did you have one sexual experience that completely blew your mind come out of nowhere?

Anna: Gradual. The threesome was the start of my aggressiveness... of wanting and having sex with women & men. I really was a nymph when I started dancing.

Al: Would you say you started dancing because you were a nymph or started becoming a nymph while dancing?

Anna: I became a nymph!

Al: So you and Hank are heavy swingers... are there any "rules" you both abide by when it comes to swinging?

Anna: Yes. First, I am bi. He is straight. Then, we communicate between us about our likes and dislikes in a situation or people. We also ask before we touch if we are at a party. We also communicate before we get separated if there is that possibility.

Al: You ask one another, you mean, or ask who you are about to touch?

Anna: We ask the one we are about to touch.

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Al: Gotya. Just wanted to clarify. Do you have any sexual fantasies you haven't lived out yet?

Anna: Yes! To be gangbanged by different groups of guys in different nationalites, such as a black gangbang, an oriental, latin, german or euro gangbangs.

Al: Is there anything sexually that you won't do?

Anna: I won't do animals, children, or some types of devient behavior like defecation.

Al: How about midgets?

Anna: I haven't, but have considered it.

Al: Transsexuals?

Anna: Haven't, but have considered it. I met a beautiful tranny in Hawaii that blew me away!

Al: You've done some infamously nasty scenes with Max Hardcore. Is it true you don't really speak to him anymore?

Anna: We speak but on a business level. I realize that he is the character Max for the market he is after. Personally, he's a great guy. I don't want to be involved with him as Max in a movie, though. I am not into being cut down and degraded by a character that's an asshole. We have been at the same functions and parties together and in a porn sense, I know his market of fans and don't need those kinds of fans.

Al: Is there a pay scale in porn? Like, the nastier it is, the bigger the paycheck?

Anna: No! Nastier usually means less pay. It is considered to be classless. The bigger payscale is from acting , knowing lines and having a good work reputation within the business... being on time, prepared, sober... of course, looks has a lot to do with it, and who's ass you kiss to get yourself where you are.

Al: What is your opinion of the really big-budget flicks that directors like Brad Armstrong have been putting out recently where there is more plot than sex? Stuff like Flashpoint and Pornogothic...

Anna: Movies are entertainment, whether it's adult or mainstream. Everyone has their own opinion on what good porn should be. Vivid thinks their girls are Playboy women and make Playboy-type movies. Brad Armstrong makes great movies that have plots, stunts, excitement, and sex for a market that wants that. Television has a lot to do with those types of movies. Extreme Video, on the other hand, thinks that shock and nasty realism is the key to getting loyalty of fans. To pursue that market that wants that kind of movie. Rocco and John Stagliano and John Leslie all have their own style and fan base.

Anna Malle Free Porn!Al: I would assume you prefer the Extreme Video kind, yes?

Anna: Well, I like them all . I do have a commitment to using condoms, though. That isn't in Extreme's parameters. Same for John Stagliano, Max, and those that don't believe that they can get HIV.

Al: Are you condom-only off camera as well?

Anna: Yes, with swingers and so forth. I would only consider doing a person without a condom if one: we went to the test center for a DNA and STD test together and we were together the whole time until we got the results the next day and we shot or had sex that day.

Al: Well, that is thorough!!

Anna: Your test is only good for the day it is tested.

Al: Because you never know who they are going to go home and fuck...

Anna: Or what they do in there private life, like shooting up. Or who they fuck!

Al: What is the perfect meal, in your opinion?

Anna: The perfect meal! Lobster dinner on the ocean. I prefer Hawaii.

Al: I remember Scotty Schwartz was at the party in your room at the ECVS. Do you know him well?

Anna: Fairly well.

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Scott Schwartz today.

Al: Did you like him better in The Toy or A Christmas Story?

Anna: The Toy definitely! But I hated that kid.

Al: Whenever I see him, I think of Flick from A Christmas Story... I still cannot picture him having sex. Have you ever "swung" his way?

Anna: We have had sex, yes.

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Al: How was he?

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Scott Schwartz (left) as Flick in A Christmas Story.

Anna: It was okay. Nothing I would brag about.

Al: Nothing HE should brag about, probably...

Anna: Well, that also.

Al: With all the nasty stuff going on in porn (double anals, etc), what is next? Where do you think porn can go from here?

Anna: Porn is going in the direction of more shock and pushing the limits. Taboo sexual practices, like supposed inbreeding portrayals, church and sex... especially violence and sex. Urination and defecation will eventually come to the US . Bondage and sex things that were in Europe ten years ago will penetrate the US eventually.

Anna Malle Free PornAl: Fisting has already "penetrated" the US, so to speak. We've received a few European vids that are now on the US market. Are you into fisting at all?

Anna: Yes, I love giving it, especially to Chloe!! I've seen Cumish Amado fist herself in the ass at a party we did together many years ago and it was fascinating to see. I cannot recieve it though.

Al: Chloe is a goddess!! The two of you seem to be somewhat from the same pod... both absolutely ferocious sexually.

Anna: She is great inside and out!

Al: I understand you recently formed your own company, ESPX. What will you be doing?

Anna: I am making and releasing videos, plus thinking about developing some sex tours for swingers. The internet is my main concern now.

Al: Speaking of the internet, tell us about What will a paying visitor get for his or her money?

Anna: It is a membership pay site where I update recent hardcore sex photos of me having sex, video streaming, swinger advetisements, professional adverisements, and soon we'll have live cam appearances. The chat room I'm developing now and it will be on certain nights at a certain time for three hours.

Al: What about the cam? Will that be constant or just at select times?

Anna: I may have some scheduled sex with company, or masturbate. It will be scheduled times on certain days. I travel so much that it is hard to be somewhere to do this all the time. Therefore I may limit it to Sundays.

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If that is not a body you would die for, you should die just for the hell of it.

Al: You still dance, correct?

Anna: Yes, I still dance.

Al: Is there better money in movies or dancing?

Anna: I am trying to slow my schedule. The money is in both. I can make just as much in either. It depends how hard I want to work. Dancing is hard work. So is making movies, and you get burnt if you do too much of either.

Al: Do you make a lot from the web site?

Free Porn!Anna: I'm doing better. I need more traffic. The good news is I get and more an more each month and hope to continue to do so. I need to work on it more though. I will soon work on getting more traffic by magazines and search engines.

Al: Do you usually pee after sex?

Anna: Yes! I pee right after. It's a habit.

Al: Any plans for a few little AnnaMalles running around the house in the future?

Anna: No kids! No time. No desire either!

Al: What is the one thing you want out of life?

Anna: I hope to keep having fun and enjoying life to it's fullest.

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Anna Malle

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