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Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann (born May 9, 1972) is an American pornographic actress.


Lisa Ann was born in Easton, Pennsylvania. She began erotic dancing ca. 1990 to pay her way through college, where she became a certified dental assistant. In July 1993, she became an adult actress, but quit in 1997 due to an AIDS scare. She spent several years touring as a feature dancer at strip clubs around the country, before returning to the sex industry as an agent, and later also as a performer. Her talent agency, Clear Talent Management, was formed in November 2006, and was later renamed Lisa Ann's Talent Management. In 2007, Lisa Ann's Talent Management merged with Seymore Butts' Lighthouse Agency.

On October 2, 2008, Lisa Ann was confirmed to star in Who's Nailin' Paylin? parodying 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. The movie, produced by Larry Flynt's Hustler Video, portrays Lisa Ann in sex scenes with other female porn stars parodying well-known female political figures, such as Hillary Clinton (played by veteran porn star Nina Hartley) and Condoleezza Rice (played by Jada Fire). This movie was released on election day November 4, 2008.

On October 31, 2008 Hustler announced that Lisa Ann was going to star in Obama is Nailin' Paylin a scene that continued on the adventures of Lisa as Serra Paylin except this time Barack Obama would be lampooned as well. The scene is only available through their Hustler members website and on the Blu-ray release of the movie. It is not available on the DVD release. This "bonus scene" was released on election eve November 3, 2008. It was announced in March 2009 that Hustler plans to produce a sequel to Who's Nailin' Paylin? with Lisa Ann reprising her role as "Serra Paylin". The movie was released on August 26, 2009 and titled "Letterman is Nailin Palin."

She reprised her role as "Serra Paylin" in a cameo appearance in Eminem's music video "We Made You" where she was cast at the director Joseph Kahn's suggestion.

After some encouragement from porn actor friend C.J Wright, Lisa Ann made her directorial debut with the interracial movie, Hung XXX, released in September 2009 by Justin Slayer International.

In December 2009, it was announced that Lisa Ann had signed on to be the spokeswoman for RealTouch, a mechanised artificial vagina produced by AEBN.

In March 2010, Lisa Ann appeared in a Public Service Announcement for the Free Speech Coalition on the topic of internet piracy of adult content, directed by Michael Whiteacre. The spot, entitled the "FSC All-Star Anti-Piracy PSA,"[18] found Lisa Ann in the company of adult performers such as Julie Meadows, Kimberly Kane, Ron Jeremy, and Wicked Pictures contract stars Alektra Blue and Kaylani Lei.

Along with Nikki Benz and Sean Michaels, Lisa Ann was chosen to host the XRCO Awards in April 2010. She stated "XRCO was the first event I ever attended in the industry, to now be hosting, momentous!".

In 2011, CNBC included her on a list it called "The Dirty Dozen," comprising the 12 most popular pornography stars. CNBC reported that the star had first been popular in the 1990's, but had retired as a pornographic actress in 1997 to become an agent. Lisa Ann's on-screen career was revived in 2008 by her parody portrayals of Sarah Palin. The film, and her subsequent work, made Lisa Ann one of AEBN's most popular stars.

CougarsInHeat - Lisa Ann


By Rick Ryan

A Porn Brat - That's How One Writer Described Lisa Ann Back In 1995. At That Time, She’d Only Made A Handful Of Movies. But During The Rest Of That Year And 1996, The Italian-American From Pennsylvania Was Seen In So Many Adult Magazines That I Lost Count. That Night In Dallas When I Had Dinner With Her And A Well-Known Dallas Entertainer By The Name Of Donna Denise, Lisa Was Quite Frank And Honest With Me. 'When I Was In High School,” Lisa Naughtily Told Me, 'I Did Whatever I Wanted To, Went Out With Whomever I Wanted To, And Saw Them Whenever I Wanted To.'Yes, She Was Head Strong. Was Lisa Ann A Brat? I Don't Think So. She Was A Very Independent Girl Who Wanted Things To Go Her Way, And She Was The Type Of Girl Who Loved A Challenge, Especially Growing Up With Five Brothers. Actually, This 5'2" Tall Stripper Began Dabbling In Erotic Performances When She Was Still In High School. She Later Told Me That Dancing Paid Her Way Through College Where She Became A Certified Dental Assistant. Her First Club Was Al’s Diamond Cabaret In Reading, Pennsylvania. After Dancing For About Four Years She Moved To California In July Of 1994 And The Rest Is History.

RICK: We Are Here Talking With Lisa Ann. Long Time No See. How Have Things Been Going For You Lisa?

LISA ANN: Yes, Long Time No See! Things Have Been Going Very Well

RICK: Now You Dropped Out Of The Business For A While And You Recently Have Come Back In. Why Did You Drop Out And Why Did You Come Back In?

LISA ANN: I Dropped Out In '97 Due To The First Aids Scare I Had Seen In The Industry. Went Out On The Road For Years, About 7 Years Straight. Coming Back Into The Industry I Worked As An Agent And I Found That There Was A Demand For Me To Shoot Again And With The New Testing Available And The Demand For People Who Want Me To Shoot I Decided I Would Shoot Again And Continue To Stay On The Road. In November Of This Year I Opened My Own Talent Agency And It Is Called Clear Talent Management. So Now I To Am An Agent Again And I Am Going To Be Slowing Down On The Road And Really Helping The Girls And Really Enjoying Being An Agent.

RICK: Oh, That Sounds Very, Very, Cool And I Would Imagine With All Of Your Experience You Could Really Help The Girls Out.

LISA ANN: Exactly. A Lot Of The Girls Really Want To Build Their Names Up And Get Out On The Road And They Don't Really Know How To Do That Like We Did In The Nineties.

RICK: When I First Met You In '95 Down At Caligula XXI In Dallas, You Remember That Night, Don't You?

LISA ANN: Yes. I Had Dinner With You And Donna Denise. I Tried Talking Her Into The Porn Business At That Time, But She Wasn't Interested In It.

RICK: I Ran Into Donna At The Exotic Dancer Expo This Year In Las Vegas In August. She Is No Longer Dancing But She Works For Dawn Rizzo At The Other Club Called The Lodge. She's Currently An Entertainment Manager.

LISA ANN: Oh, I Know Where That Is. She Is Such A Nice Girl. If I Ever Get Back To Dallas Again, I'll Have To Look Her Up.

RICK: So What Is Happening With You Now?

LISA ANN: I Have A Lot Of New Movies Coming Out This Year. I Have Cheating Housewives III, Which Has Been Nominated For 3 Awards In ABN. I Will Be At ABN In January Walking Around With My Girls And Meeting New Talent And Bring New Talent Into The Business, Which Is A Big Gold Mine Right Now. I've Been Working A Lot On Different Types Of HBO Projects. I Have My Own Show Called Pimp My Wife. I Have On Demand Putting Together A Lisa Ann Show, Which Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun. Kind Of Like A Talk Soup Kind Of Thing. We Are Working On Deals With That Right Now. I've Been Working With Sue Randall A Lot, Who Is Launching Her Own Reality Show And Just Some Great Stuff And Having A Fun Time With It. I've Been Going To All The Dallas Cowboys Games Which Has Been Awesome Home And Away. I've Been Traveling A Lot With Them And Just Going To Games With My Friends. I've Also Been Catching As Many Home Laker Games As I Can In Between Dancing And Working And I've Just Been Keeping Really Busy With Fun Stuff.

RICK: So You Are A Dallas Cowboy's Fan?

LISA ANN: I'm A Dallas Cowboy's Fan. I See You Have A Dallas Cowboy's Jacket On.

RICK: Oh Yeah.

LISA ANN: I'm Going On Sunday. I'll Fly From Here Sunday Morning To Dallas And Go To The Game And Then Go Back To L.A. I Went To The Giants Game In New York Last Weekend.

RICK: Really?


RICK: Wow, So You Are A Big Football Nut Then?

LISA ANN: I'm A Big Sports Nut. It Is Just Such A Great And Fun Thing To Do Is To Get To Go To The Games And Get To Travel.

RICK: Is There Any Other Interest That You Have Besides Football?

LISA ANN: Basketball, Love My Basketball, Love My Lakers.

RICK: How Do You Think They Are Going To Do This Year?

LISA ANN: I Think They Are Going To Do Pretty Well As Long As We Can Keep Everybody Healthy And Fit We Are Going To Do Well. We Have A Strong Team This Year, They Are Playing More As A Team And Less As Individual Players And They Are Really Working Well. There Is A Lot Of Competition Out There. The Clippers Are Looking Good This Year. The Clippers Beat Them The First Game. I Went To The Clippers Lakers The Other Night And The Lakers Beat Them By 10 So We Are Even Up With The Clippers. It Is Going To Be An Interesting Year But It Is A Lot Of Games To Follow And We Have Till May To See What Happens.

RICK: I Noticed On One Of Your Videos Dani Sexton, Did You Work With Her?

LISA ANN: I Did Not Work With Dani Sexton. She Must Of Just Been In The Same Movie And Now They Shoot All The Scenes Separate Days So You Don’t Always See The Other Talent That Is Going To Be In The Movie Until The Movie Comes Out.

RICK: Now How Does It Feel Being In The Industry Back In The Mid Nineties And Then Coming Back Into It Again?

LISA ANN: The Industry Has Changed Tremendously Since The Nineties. There Were Fewer People Involved. I Think People Cared A Little Bit More About Their Work And Now People Rush To Get Quantity Now Instead Of Quality. But There Is A Demand For That Quantity So It Is Out There And Selling. I Think There Is A Lot More Players In The Game Now And Is More Of A Business Than It Was Back Then. It Was More Of A Lifestyle In The Nineties.

RICK: Do You Think Because It Is Defiantly Different From What It Was In The Nineties With The Internet.

LISA ANN: You Don't Mind If I Respond To Something Now?

LISA ANN: I'm An IM Texting Machine So I'll Be Texting And Iming As We Do This.

RICK: Do You Think The Internet Today, Which Just About Anybody Can Get On And Do Things, Do You Think It Is Hurting The Porn Industry At All?

LISA ANN: No, It Is Actually Making More Jobs. There Are Companies Such As Naughty America, Which Is One Of The Best Internet Companies In The Industry Today. Naughty America Shoots Anywhere From 3 To 5 Scenes A Day. So It Is Actually Making More Jobs For The Girls And Guys In The Business.

RICK: So You Definitely Think It Is Improving?

LISA ANN: Yes, It Is Improving Things. It's Opened The Doors For Us Tremendously.

RICK: What Do You Have Planned For The Near Future?

LISA ANN: I Want To Get This Agency Going. I Want To Get This Agency Strong And I Plan To Do It As Long As I Can. If I Can Have This Agency For Twenty Years I'll Do It. I'd Like This To Be My Last Step In The Industry And I'd Like To Stay.

RICK: Well That Sounds Good. If You Can Hang In There Twenty Even Thirty Years That Would Be Great.

LISA ANN: Yeah, Then I Could Retire And Just Travel Around With All My Favorite Sports You Know? So If Any New Girls Are Looking To Get In The Industry They Can Email Me. That's

Lisaann@Cleartalentmanagement.Com. And I Love To Meet New Girls Just Send Me Some Pictures And I Can Help Them Get Out To California And Set Them Up With What They Need To Know. Also I Am Just Very Excited To Be Starting This New Project Because I Really Enjoy Being An Agent. I Like Being Close With The Girls And Giving Them The Experience Of My Fifteen Years In The Business.

RICK: Now What Kind Of Talent Are You Looking For? Is There Anything Specific?

LISA ANN: Not At All. Everybody Brings Something Different To The Tables. We Need To Keep It Equal. Everybody Is Welcome.

RICK: Now When You're At Home Just Chilling Out Being A Regular Person, What Do You Enjoy Doing?

LISA ANN: Watching TV.

RICK: Do You Have Any Favorite TV Shows?

LISA ANN: My Favorite TV Show Is Entourage. After Entourage Would Be Sex In The City, Even Though It Is Not On Anymore, I Still Watch It. Desperate Housewives Is A Great Show, The Office Is A Great Show, Vegas Is A Great Show Because I Love Vegas. And Then Just Sports.

RICK: Do You Get Out To Vegas Often?

LISA ANN: I Try To Get Out To Vegas At Least Once A Month.

RICK: Now You Are Going To Be Out There This Month For The ABN This January. Will You Be At The Exotic Dancer Expo In 2007?

LISA ANN: Always, I Always Go To The Exotic Dancer Expo. Yes!

RICK: Cool. Any Last Words You Would Like To Tell Your Fans? And Do You Have A Web Site?

LISA ANN: I Don't Have A Web Site But The Can Find Me For Free On Myspace And It Is\Lisaannxxx. They Can Email Me There And Keep Tabs On Me And I Am Very Excited About My New Adventure In Being An Agent And Looking Forward To EveryonE's Support. I Still Have Tons Of New Movies Coming Out. I Just Did My Very First Anal Scene, Which Is An Ass Cleavage 8 Released By Zero Tolerance.

RICK: I Appreciate You Taking The Time Again To Spend With Me Lisa. It's Always Great To See You.

LISA ANN: Thank You Rick. It's Been A Long Time Since Our First Meeting In 1995, And Then Again A Few Years Ago Here At Bazooka Showgirls When We Caught Up With One Another Again. I'm Glad To See That You're Healthy And Still Kicking

RICK: Thanks Lisa. I Hope To See You Again In The Future.

Once Again My Many Thanks Goes Out To Bazooka Showgirls, Botch, Jimmy, The Waitresses And The Entertainers For A Great Time. During The Winter Months When The Weather Is Cold Outside, Bazooka Showgirls Will Always Warm You Up With Excellent Entertainers And Special Features That The Club Brings In Each Month.

For More Information Call Bazooka Showgirls At (816) 421-1915 Or Go To: Showitallgirls.Com .

Lisa Ann MILF Bone

A Q&A with Lisa Ann, star of Hustler's forthcoming, sensation-causing triple-X movie Who's Nailin' Paylin, and dead-ringer for the vice presidential nominee.

Marie Claire: Your fans know you from your dozens of porn films, but you've been shot into the mainstream with news of this movie. Did you see it coming? Knowing that you look like Sarah Palin, did you know that you'd get this gig?
Lisa Ann: [Fellow porn star] Nina Hartley called me one day and said, "You know someone's going to ask you to do Sarah Palin. And you're going to have do it. You have the glasses. You throw your hair up. You've gotta do it." And I said, "Well I want to learn more about her first." Because it was very new, and I knew nothing about her. When I started to learn about her I remember calling Nina and saying, "There would be so many ways we could spoof off of stuff she actually says!"

MC: Is it strange the way the news of the movie has been received by the mainstream press?
LA: I think it's awesome. We went on CBS Studios the other day and did a show for Entertainment Tonight's Insider. It's not even about the fact that it's an adult movie, it's about the fact that it's a spoof. And, it's comical how well received it's been. I did a radio show the other night for some Canadian Sirius station and they were laughing because they said in other countries we don't make fun of our politicians this way, and that's what they love about Americans.

MC: Do you worry that when this comes out there's going to be a backlash? Have you seen any moral outrage yet?
LA: I have. Fox News had a debate about it-one lawyer was explaining the fact that Larry Flynt does have parody protection under his First Amendment rights. The other was saying it's unfair to depict this woman this way. And it was interesting and yes, I was fully aware of what I signed up for and any negative things that could follow it. Maybe some crazy right-wing activist will try and burn my house down-they burn down abortion clinics! But I put myself in that target spot and it is what it is.

MC: And it's worth it to you.
LA: It is. It's worth it to me to say thank you to Larry Flynt for paving the way for us. It's worth it to me because finally there's a role out there for someone who could actually come off somewhat intelligent. I get to say some lines that are so ridiculous-and they're what she actually says!

MC: Just like Tina Fey did.
LA: Tina Fey is so priceless when she does her. I had only four days to prepare, so I didn't get the accent down. I was too busy ordering all my suits on, for rush delivery. I had to get them home and alter them myself because I was afraid to drop them somewhere and have them not be ready at 7 AM that Saturday morning, when shooting began.

MC: How long did it take to shoot the movie? Is it done?
LA: Two days, we did it in two days.

MC: Do you know if this was Larry Flynt's idea initially?
LA: I don't know for sure. I know it was someone at Hustler.

MC: So four days to prepare. The accent is tricky.
LA: I didn't worry about it too much. There was enough going on in the dialogue and the banter about her hunting and all the things she says and does. I just love that she says you can see Russia from Alaska. That's just beautiful. I can barely see Catalina because of the smog and that's only 30 miles off the coast.

MC: Did you ever consider that maybe the choice of Palin would be good for women and you shouldn't do a porno about it?
LA: Yes. I like to do my homework, so first I learn that she is not pro-choice. She even said that if her daughter was raped she wouldn't let her have an abortion. And I think, come on now. We shouldn't even be talking about that anymore. We resolved the issue and we need to move on to other things. And then there's the fact that her daughter is pregnant. That's a big red flag to me. You can't run your home and you want to assist in running our country? Because that's part of running your home-talking to your child about safe sex.

MC: But do you think there is anything of two-steps-back to the idea that she's the subject of a porn movie?
LA: No, because she carries herself in a certain way. She's attractive and she puts her sexiness out there. She wore false eyelashes for the V.P. debate!

MC: Did she?
LA: Yes, I was standing in front of my television talking to my girlfriend who's a makeup artist and I said "please tell me that she's not wearing fake eyelashes." And she said, "Oh yes she is!" So, I mean, she puts herself out there that way. She could have toned it down a notch. She doesn't have to try so hard to look cute. So, of course she's going to get objectified. And, she's said some ridiculous things that are enough to enrage people and fuel us to do something ridiculous as a backlash. And, so you know we're supposed to not talk about it, but I'm sorry we are allowed to judge you on your actions. Athletes deal with it. Actors and actresses deal with it. That's just how America works.

MC: She definitely goes for heels and skirts. And it's winning points with her young male constituency.
LA: She had on that shiny, silky tight suit for the V.P. debate. Fitted around the waste. You wouldn't wear that to your college reunion if you were trying to be conservative. And, of course all men in America are going to wonder what kind of lingerie she's wearing. That's how they think. For the film, I was surveying all my friends asking them, "So what do you think she wears?" I wanted to nail this.

MC: What did you go with?
LA: A fuller bottom, but still really cool sexy panty with a nice matching bra. I think her stuff matches. She's very detail oriented. And I think she probably feels in power by having something sexy on underneath.

MC: So, obviously you're a Democrat.
LA: I'm not, actually. I choose not to pick a gang. I go by the topics and issues that are covered by both parties, see what each candidate has to say. I will though say in this election that I'm voting for Obama.

MC: What are the issues that have led you to want to support Obama?
LA: There are definitely some tax issues, but more than anything my pro-Obama position comes from being anti-Sarah Palin. And anti-McCain because he picked Sarah Palin as an easy way to win over all of the women who wanted to vote for a woman. The fact that he thought that we would all jump on like some kind of club was silly and insulting.

MC: Were you a Hillary supporter?
LA: I was a Hillary supporter, yes.

MC: Do you take extra pleasure in being able to parody someone whom you don't respect?
LA: For sure. They asked me the day of the V.P. debates. And I was just watching her and thinking, this is so ridiculous. So the timing was absolutely perfect. And, you know what? If anyone else would have asked me to do it I wouldn't have. But I said 'yes' because it's Hustler and it's [CEO] Larry Flynt and he did so much to pave the way for everyone in this industry to be able to have a future, a respectable future. Remember we're tax paying citizens, it's considered a legal job. He fought for that. He fought for our first amendment rights.

MC: You mentioned taxes. You have your own talent agency, which is a small business. Do you worry about what Obama's plan would mean for you?
LA: I don't know if I would be taxed more or less. But when he says he wants to help the smallest business owners, I hear him. It's sad that there are so many people out there who run businesses and are just getting by. We all suffer without that neighborhood Ma and Pa restaurant or auto shop, where you can get to know someone and your whole family can go to them instead of having to go to every franchise that just hires horrible employees cause they're a franchise. Places where people care.

MC: Joe the Plumber-hot or not?
LA: Not.

MC: Not your type?
LA: No. Because he looks like Joe the Plumber.

MC: Have people come out supporting the movie?
LA: Yes! I see people at the gym who never talk to me and they are like, "You are so shrewd. That is so funny, that movie." And they're not in any way making fun of what I'm doing.

MC: Do you think that people are going to buy this who wouldn't usually buy porn?
LA: You know, its funny, most of my friends aren't in the industry. We call them "civilians." So, when I talk to my civilian friends they all said to me its just like when the Paris Hilton tape came out. They say they're not really porn buyers, but when that Paris Hilton tape came out you had to buy it. I think it's going to be a gag gift. I think its going to be a big thing that people purchase just to say that they have it because it's kind of history. I think it's going to be a much broader range of buyers than the X-rated film. I'm planning on giving it to all of my pro-McCain friends for

Lisa Ann Slut Diaries

Lisa Ann Corpora, nació el 9 de mayo de 1972 en Pennsylvania, EE.UU.
En 2009 fue incluida en el Salón de la Fama de AVN.
Ella se inició en el porno alrededor de 1990 para pagarse los estudios, y finalmente obtuvo el título de ayudante de dentista.

Actualmente la hemos visto protagonizando varias peliculas de parodias X de series de televisión.

Sus inicios en el mundo del Porno

En julio de 1994, se mudó a California para iniciar su carrera en el porno, pero la abandonó en 1997 debido a la corriente de casos de SIDA que afectó a la industria aquellos años.

Estuvo varios años viajando como bailarina en numerosos clubs de striptease por todo el país. Después de tanto tiempo viajando, Lisa decidió instalarse y dedicarse completamente a su matrimonio y a su nuevo negocio de balneario.

Posteriormente se divorció y vendió su balneario, Lisa emprendió su objetivo a largo plazo y entró de nuevo en la industria como agente, por lo que poco tiempo después volvió para actuar, aproximadamente en 2004.

Actualmente ella aparece como una de las estrellas de la categoría MILF en webs de éstos contenidos como son y

Éxitos Profesioanles y proyectos

Lisa fundó su propia agencia de talentos en noviembre de 2006, Clear Talent Management.

Combinado con su fama en la industria adulta, su éxito duradero, y su capacidad de instruir y dirigir a los demás, su lista de nuevos talentos creció rápidamente. En agosto de 2007, Lisa se vio obligada a dejar de usar su nombre y lo renombró como Lisa Ann's Talent Management.

El 11 de diciembre de 2007, la industria adulta anunció la combinación de Seymore Butts' Lighthouse Agency con LATM. Esencialmente, Lisa Ann ha asumido Lighthouse Agency y la cuantía de representados ha alcanzado cotas aún más altas que antes.

El 2 de octubre de 2008, Lisa Ann fue confirmada como la estrella que protagonizaría Who's Nailin 'Paylin?' parodiando a la candidata republicana a la Vicepresidencia Sarah Palin.

La película, producida por Larry Flynt de Hustler Video, retrata a Lisa Ann en escenas de sexo con otras mujeres estrellas porno parodiando a famosas figuras políticas, como Hillary Clinton y Condoleezza Rice.

Recientemente ha representado el papel de "Sarah Paylin" en una aparición en el video musical del tema "We Made You" del rapero Eminem.,%20la%20Milf%20de%20los%20cameos


Lisa Ann Interview - Getting Levi's Johnson

Lisa Ann sat down to do this interview on the set of "Getting Levi's Johnson" a new parody from Jet Set Men. Lisa Ann reprises her role as Serra Paylin from the hit movie "Who's Nailin' Paylin" in the new Jet Set release. In this interview, from the DVD, Lisa talks about her career in the adult world. How much she loves her fans and more!


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