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Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Linsey Dawn McKenzie (born 7 August 1978 in Wallington, London) is an English glamour model, pornographic actress, and minor celebrity.

McKenzie made her topless glamour modelling debut on her 16th birthday in 1994. Known for her naturally large breasts, which reached a size 36HH before her breast reduction surgery in 2005, she has featured in a wide range of adult-oriented media over the course of her career. She has attained minor celebrity status in the UK, where she has appeared on mainstream television programmes such as They Think It's All Over, I'm Famous and Frightened!, The Weakest Link, and Celebrity Four Weddings.

Glamour career

In early 1994, when McKenzie was 15, she sent sample glamour photographs to local modelling agencies. Soon invited for professional photoshoots, she began her career by doing clothed glamour and swimsuit work, intending to progress to topless modelling when she turned 16 later that year.

As McKenzie approached her 16th birthday, The Sunday Sport tabloid newspaper expressed an interest in turning her topless debut into a media event. Throughout June and July 1994, it published provocative pictures of McKenzie, touting her 34GG bra size and counting down the days until it could legally show her topless.

After she turned 16, McKenzie continued to model topless for The Daily Sport and The Sunday Sport. She also made Page Three girl appearances in tabloid newspapers The Sun and The Daily Star; posed topless in lads' mags such as Loaded; appeared fully nude in British softcore magazines such as Mayfair and Men Only; and performed in a variety of low-budget softcore videos.

On 29 July 1995, shortly before her 17th birthday, McKenzie did a topless streak at a televised England v. West Indies cricket match at Old Trafford. Wearing only a thong and a pair of trainers, she ran onto the field with the words "Only Teasing" written across her breasts.

After McKenzie turned 18 in 1996, she made her North American modelling debut in the breast fetishism magazine Score, which marked the occasion by making McKenzie the cover girl of its December 1996 "50th Anniversary" issue.

In the late 1990s, McKenzie was frequently featured on the adult-oriented channels L!VE TV and Television X. She continued to appear regularly in adult-oriented magazines, DVDs, Internet sites, and broadcast media until late 2004, when she took a break from modeling to have a child and undergo a breast reduction operation.

In 2010, McKenzie was featured on the Babestation Channel.

Hardcore pornography

In 2000, McKenzie began appearing in hardcore pornography films. Most of her hardcore performances have been lesbian scenes with other large-breasted actresses, including Autumn-Jade, Susie Wilden, and Ines Cudna. She has also featured in a small number of heterosexual hardcore films. These include Ultimate Linsey (2001), which features McKenzie with her first husband, Terry Canty, and Maximum Insertion (2004), in which she performs a hardcore threesome scene with Czech pornographic actors Veronika Pagáčová and Robert Rosenberg. In 2009, after a five-year absence from hardcore pornography, she released a DVD entitled I'm Back, featuring lesbian group sex scenes. She has since gone on to perform in several other hardcore lesbian features.

Mainstream television and film appearances

McKenzie's mainstream television appearances include the BBC sporting quiz show They Think It's All Over, the reality television shows I'm Famous and Frightened! and The Salon, and the science programme Brainiac: Science Abuse. In the United States, she has appeared on The Howard Stern Show. On 8 September 2007, she appeared on a special charity edition of the BBC quiz show The Weakest Link, on which all contestants were glamour models who were dating or married to footballers. In December 2010, she featured with her husband Mark Williams on an episode of Living TV's Celebrity Four Weddings. The episode also featured actress Tina Malone, Big Brother contestant Spencer Smith, magician Paul Daniels, and Daniels' wife Debbie McGee.

Additionally, McKenzie has appeared in two documentaries about the lives of glamour models, The Curse of Page 3 and Girls Behaving Badly. She has also played the character Beryl Fforbes-Juggs in Martin Gooch's 2002 film Arthur's Amazing Things.

Breast reduction & augmentation

McKenzie's large breasts had caused physical discomfort since she was a teenager. A newspaper profile written when she was 16, and already wearing a size 34GG bra, noted that "she often gets backache, her boobs often feel as though they are bruised, and she has to wear extra-supportive bras with wide straps." Her breasts continued to increase in size until she was wearing a 36HH bra. In December 2005, seven months after having her baby, she underwent breast reduction surgery to decrease their size to 36E.

In July 2010, McKenzie underwent further surgery on her breasts, this time receiving implants to enhance their size.

Family and personal life

McKenzie is the youngest of three children. Her parents, Tony and Lesley McKenzie, divorced in 1987.

In 1996, at the age of 17, McKenzie became involved in an extramarital affair with 27-year-old footballer Dean Holdsworth, who was then a striker for Wimbledon F.C. The relationship received widespread attention in the British media.

In 1998, she became engaged to actor Michael Greco, who at the time was playing the role of Beppe di Marco in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.[28] She twice became pregnant over the course of her 15-month relationship with Greco, but miscarried both times.

Claiming to have grown disillusioned with dating footballers and celebrities, McKenzie began dating 21-year-old window cleaner Terry Canty in 2000. The couple married on 21 April 2001. Canty also performed with McKenzie in her first heterosexual hardcore photoshoots and video. However, the couple separated just six weeks after their wedding, and their marriage ended in divorce after 10 months.

In 2004, McKenzie began a relationship with former Wimbledon F.C. and Northern Ireland footballer Mark Williams. On 16 May 2005, she gave birth to a baby boy named Luca Scott Mark Williams. The couple married on 5 January 2006 in a register office in London.

McKenzie's older sister Alyson (born 12 January 1974) has also been involved in the adult industry. Linsey and Alyson McKenzie appeared together in the 1995 softcore video Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Her Sister, which was re-released on DVD in 2002. Alyson received breast implants and modeled for The Score Group's series of adult publications between 2001 and 2004.

Beautiful Linsey Mckenzie grew up right before our eyes at Scoreland and her own site Linsey's World. From her 18th birthday to today, Linsey is still a major turn on to my surfers who loved it when she FINALLY went hardcore but know she can still make them blow hard all on her own with her big natural tits.

I've got to admit that Linsey is one of the models that I actually like on a personal level. I've been looking at pictures of her for years and heard rumours about how down to earth, smart and decent she is. Some of these stars are real diva bitches (Chloe, Minka for example) but Linsey isn't one of those.

Linsey was born in Harrow, England and began modeling topless at 15 which was published when she was 16 in a UK newspaper, The Daily Sport. She was briefly married to Terry Canty who was the guy in Ultimate Linsey. Up to that point she had a tattoo on her arm that said Mum but her mother disapproved of her going hardcore so she had it altered to a zodiac sign. Linsey's stepsister is porn starlet Sophie Dee.

In 2006, she married ex-footballer Mark Williams a year after their son was born. In early 2006, Linsey had her gorgeous breasts reduced from HHH cup to a DD. She said she loves her body now and was beginning to resent her boobs when they grew to from HH to HHH's. She said she's completely happy just being a mother now. Sounds like she has retired or at least is taking a break. I hope it's just a break but she won't be the same without her HH's.

Linsey Dawn Mckenzie Dildo

Lindsey Dawn McKenzie showing boobs

Lindsey Dawn McKenzie showing boobs
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Linsey Dawn McKenzie (n. 7 de agosto de 1978) es una modelo de glamour de grandes senos naturales y actriz porno inglesa que durante mucho tiempo tuviera la medida de sostén 42HH pero ahora es 37HH, después de una cirugía de reducción de los pechos.


McKenzie creció en una casa de clase media en Wallington, con sus padres y sus dos hermanos. Sus padres se divorciaron en 1987, cuando McKenzie tenía nueve años. Posteriormente su madre se casó con Chris Atkins quien se convirtió en el padrastro de los niños. McKenzie asistió a la escuela secundaria para mujeres de Carshalton y cursó seis grados de GCSE (Certificado General de Educación Secundaria) obteniendo los siguientes puntos: tres E, dos D y una B.

Los senos de McKenzie empezaron desarrollarse cuando tenía doce años. Para la edad de quince, ella tenia un tamaño de sostén de 34DD. Cuando ella tenía diecisiete años, su tamaño de sostén había aumentado a 34GG.

Glamour y pornografía

En 1994, Alyson McKenzie, hermana de Linsey, tomó algunas fotografías en topless del busto de su hermana que tenía en ese entonces tan solo 15 años, para enviarlas a varias agencias locales de modelos. Después de unos días, un fotógrafo profesional invitó Linsey McKenzie para una sesión fotográfica. Debido a la edad de Linsey, los fotógrafos solo podrían usarla inicialmente para modelar en bikini y para vestidos de glamour; pero Linsey declaró que estaba deseosa de posar en topless cuando ella alcanzará la edad legal, que en Inglaterra es de dieciséis años.

La revista británica The Daily Sport pronto expresó su interés promoviendo a la joven modelo y después diría haberla descubierto. Un periódico publicó unas controvertidas imágenes del decimosexto aniversario de su cumpleaños, en donde se mostraban fotografías muy provocativas, rompiendo los cuadros del escaso vestido de la adolescente y prometiendo quitar el velo de sus senos cuando ella tuviera la edad legal. Las primeras fotografías de toplesses publicadas de McKenzie aparecían en The Sunday Sport el 7 de agosto de 1994. Ella había dejado la escuela sólo unas semanas antes.

Linsey McKenzie continuó su asociación con The Daily Sport, volviéndose una de sus más destacadas modelos y viajando con su compañía de bailarines y mujeres que hacen striptease. Ella también empezó ha aparecer en topless como muchacha de los periódicos The Sun y The Daily Star, así como totalmente desnuda en revistas de softcore británicas como Mayfair y Whitehouse.

Ella realizó videos de softcore de bajo presupuesto cuando tenía dieciséis y diecisiete años de edad. En la mayoría de ellos sólo bailaba y se desnudaba. Un video en Bahamas la muestra su nadando bajo la lluvia cuando ella estaba en topless en la playa. Otro video llamado Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Her Sister, muestra a McKenzie y a su hermana Alyson simulando incesto y escenas lésbicas.

En agosto de 1996, cuando McKenzie cumplió dieciocho años, firmó un contrato con The Score Group, editor de las revistas Score y Voluptuous breast fetishism y comenzó su etapa de modelado desnudo para el público estadounidense. Score lanzó una edición ilustrada especial y un vídeo llamado el "décimo octavo cumpleaños de Linsey", para celebrar la fecha en que McKenzie alcanzaba la edad legal para modelar desnuda en los Estados Unidos.

McKenzie se convirtió en una modelo "big boobs" a finales de los años noventa y a principios del 2000, en numerosas revistas en puestos de periódicos y apariciones en videos, normalmente apareció sola, pero a menudo con otros modelos senos grandes como Adele Stephens, Lorna Morgan y Kerry Marie. Ella se convirtió en una modelo regular en Score magazine's annual "Boob Cruise", y aparecía en algunos videos afiliados a Score Boob Cruise 2000 y Score Boob Cruise Babes. Más tarde, ella empezó su propia página web en ambos lados del Atlántico. Score la escogió a McKenzie como su " modelo del año " para el año 2004.

Llevando a cuestas en el renombre de su hermana, Alyson McKenzie lanzó su propia carrera adulta con Score pictorials y guest photoshoots en la página Web de su hermana. Distinta de Linsey, Alyson tenía sus senos naturalmente pequeños, como puede verse en los primeros videos dónde las hermanas aparecen juntas en topless, y después de sus injertos de senos, les llevó al tamaño 38DD. Sin embargo, Alyson logró muy poco éxito, mientras ella realmente estaba escapando de la etiqueta de "hermana de Linsey Dawn McKenzie" y ahora se ha retirado de ser modelo para adultos.

Trasladándose a la pornografía hardcore

Contradictoriamente, McKenzie ha hecho algunas películas, como Linsey Dawn McKenzie in Live Sex Video y Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Alison Having Full Sex que se comercializaron como "hardcore" pero que realmente involucraban sólo escenas heterosexuales simuladas o de sexo lésbico. Pero a partir de 2000, ha hecho algunas películas porno de hardcore, como las siguientes:

* Linsey’s Lezzie Seduction (2000), protagonizada por McKenzie y la modelo de grandes senos Autumn Jade llevando a cabo sexo oral cada una con otra persona.

* Ultimate Linsey (2001), protagonizada a 23 minutos de escena en el cual McKenzie tiene sexo oral, vaginal y mamario con Terry Canty, el cual sería su esposo por poco tiempo en su primer matrimonio. La película tiene dos importantes escenas adicionales, una en que McKenzie se masturba con un juguete sexual, y la otra en que realiza un baile erótico y se quita su vestido de novia.

* Maxiumum Insertion (2004), en donde aparece en una escena McKenzie interactuando con un máquina automatizada de estimulación sexual, y realizando sexo hardcore en forma de trío sexual con la modelo Verónica y el actor porno Robert, y escenas de harcore lesbianas con la modelo de grandes senos polaca Ines Cudna.

* Busty Anal Lovers (2005), donde aparece teniendo sexo lésbico con Suzie Wilson, quien penetra analmente a McKenzie con un juguete sexual. Este es el único momento en que McKenzie realiza una escena de penetración anal en un video.

En sus primero años de modelaje, McKenzie tenía un tatuaje en su hombro derecho que decía "MUM ". Ella tenía este tatuaje modificado a un diseño astrológico cuando su madre desaprobó su decisión para pasar a la pornografía hardcore.

Películas y apariciones en televisión

En plenitud de su popularidad a finales de los noventa, McKenzie aparecía a menudo en el programa británico "British daytime talkshow " para discutir asuntos relacionados con el modelaje adulto y el tamaño de senos. Ella también aparecía frecuentemente en canales para adultos como "L!VE TV" y "Television X".

Vida privada

McKenzie ha tenido una turbulenta vida romántica y ha sido marcada por sus relaciones tempestuosas con celebridad y escándalos en revistas. En 1996, a la edad de diecisiete años, tuvo mucha publicidad su relación en Wimbledon con el delantero Dean Holdsworth, un hombre casado diez años mayor que ella. Las revistas británicas sensacionalistas revelaron el asunto extramarital de Holdsworth con la adolescente voluptuosa, alegando por ejemplo que él y McKenzie habían tenido comunicación en el quema cocos de un automóvil BMW propiedad del futbolista. La esposa de Holdworth -de nombre Samantha- terminó la relación de golpe con McKenzie públicamente, llamándola un rompehogares y describiéndola como "Más fea que nuestro querido Rottweiler".

McKenzie siguió teniendo relaciones de alto-perfil con el cantante Mick Hucknall, con los futbolista Ashley Cole y John Terry, y con EastEnders y actores como Dean Gaffney y Michael Greco. Ella tuvo una relación tormentosa de quince meses con el último, estuvo embarazada de él (ella abortó), y estuvo brevemente comprometida antes disolver la relación.

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