Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sabina Leigh

About her:
Name: Sabina Leigh
Pussy hair: Bald/shaven
Hair color: Blonde
Pussy type: Innie
Tit size: Large Tits
Ass: Medium Ass
Tit type: Natural
Body type: Voluptuous
Ethnicity: White

Sabina Leigh was born in St. Louis. As precocious child Sabina was always in advanced classes and often she was asked to tutor her class-mates. Although she considered herself a geek, outside of the classroom she was very artistic, and she was involved in competitive dancing. In 8th grade Sabina was already a full C cup, and that got her a lot of attention, and that was the galvanizing factor behind her interests in sexuality. She began modeling at the age of 16, but she did not have her first nude modeling shoot until after the age of 18. She attended Iowa University as a chemical engineering major, but she switched to studying sociology and women's studies instead. While going to school she worked at a local porn shop and that eventually led to her teaching in work shops for various companies, adult expos, and even college conferences. Since finishing school, Sabina has continued in her studies as she strives to receive her doctoral degree in sexology, and she also wants to produce her own adult films. Through out all her studies her breast grew to a whopping 34H.

Sabina Leigh

Sabina Leigh is an American nude model and porn star from Denver, Colorado. She describes herself as an "adult entertainer, sexual educator, and sex toy designer". She has modeled for Score, JuggMaster, Thick And Busty, and BustyBrits amongst others.

Boobpedia interview

The following is from an interview of Sabina Leigh by Boobpedia.

Tell me about yourself.

Sabina: As an adult model/performer, I grace the pages of some of the world's most popular all natural curvy publications. I'm truly proud to represent natural, real-sized women enjoying their sexuality in a sea of silicon, tummy tucks and fake orgasms.

As a researcher and educator, I've worked in the adult industry and taught classes on sexuality for the past five years. I encourage everyone I work with to live up to their full sexual potential and find true happiness within their sexualities.

When did your breasts start developing?

Sabina: Right before 8th grade. I went from being 'a carpenter's dream', as my classmates taunted, to a C cup over the course of one summer. My social life as a known geek transformed itself overnight into a desirable young woman being hit on all the time. This shaped a great deal of my reality as well as my interests in sexuality. When you have larger breasts you are certainly responded to differently and I couldn't help but be fascinated by the whole situation.

When did your interest in modeling begin?

Sabina: At the age of 16 I began to hang out with people outside of my peer group, many of them artists, writers and professors. This is when I began modeling for the first time. For two years I sat for painters, sculptors and photographers as an after school job. I adored being the muse for so many talented people. Right after I turned 18, I did my first nude art shoots. I enjoyed doing occasional nude art modeling on and off through college. A year ago, I decided to try adult modeling for the first time and fell in love with being in front of the camera.

How did you get interested in adult entertainment?

Sabina: In college, I began working in adult sales and education. It began as a part time job at a local porn store while I was going to school, but developed into much more. Soon I was teaching classes for various companies, at adult expos, at college conferences, and even in graduate level class rooms. My academic research and my part time job merged. I became extremely interested in finding out everything I could about sexuality on both biological and sociological levels. The last few years of my undergrad were spent focusing primarily on studying sexuality from several different academic perspectives.

Since finishing school, I have continued studying in my career as a full time educator and model/performer. My future goals are to receive my doctorate in sexology and produce my own adult films. I am addicted to studying sexuality and am grateful to be so fascinated by the work i do.

What size are your breasts now?

Sabina: Through the years my breasts continued to grow and now rest at a 34H. Who knows what direction my life would have taken without them.

What are your favorite activities?

Sabina: In my down time I love to hike, play with my basset hound, dance, read in the hot tub, watch movies, listen to music, have incredible sex, do my research, and brainstorm ways to share my ideas with the world.

Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share with your fans?

Sabina: I truly hope you enjoy my work, ideas, and experiments and find some inspiration in them. I'd love to hear your responses. Drop me a line and let me know your brilliant ideas, what you like and what you'd like to see more of. Thank you again for taking the time to share my world with me.

Sabina Leigh was born in St. Loius, Missouri and currently lives in Ft. Colins, Colorado. She went to Iowa State University for a chemical engineering but switched to sociology and women's study. While at school she began modelling nude for art classes and became interested in pursuing a career in 'sexology'.

In 2007 she appeared in Scoreland. According to her biography on her site,, she's been working as an educator in the sex industry. I have no idea what that is but for $75 an hour you can talk to her on the phone in a consultation.